Tuesday, August 15, 2006

1st there was Skype...now there is Gizmo

Checkout this cool new Internet Phone calling service


It is available for various Linux distributions

If you have problems running Gizmo on SuSE Desktop it is because you are missing a file called libexpat.so.0. Before you continue make sure that you have installed the EXPAT library. Now you can solve this issue by making a symbolic link in the /usr/lib directory:
ln libexpat.so.1 libexpat.so.0

Now you should be able to run it

The Priest

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Dreams said...

And... Gizmo supports Zfone, the end-2-end encryption protocol for VoIP.

See RealOpen IT (in Dutch with links to English pages).

E@zyVG said...

How does it work with SUSE 10.1 ... did you give it a try?

Last time I tried, few months ago, I was unsuccessful. If you were able to use it, let me know if there are any specific steps that I should apply.


The Priest said...

I have added additional instructions in the post. Now you should be able to run it!

E@zyVG said...

Tnx for the tip. Before I had much more problem, compared to this release.

Running nicely on 10.1 x86_64 with OSS library from Gizmo, as I wasn't able to launch with ALSA.

Will write a small howto on my blog, soon, with credits to you.

Now I need to convnce couple of my friends to register with Gizmo, so I can then compare it to Skype.

Also, I hope they will soon release a verion for Windows Mobile platform, as I have Skype running on my HP hw6510.