Friday, August 18, 2006

KIBA Dock on SLED 10

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official page:
movie on Kiba Dock here
Thanks to StevieB and AndersJ we are proud to present Kiba dock for Suse ;-) It is a fun Widget for Gnome. Here is what you should do:

new feb 2007: a new post exist on this blog about kiba on openSUSE - check

1) First you need to install 3 RPM's which can be found here::


If you have SLED 10 you can download them and install them trough the ZEN-Installer one at a time.

2) After the installation you can use some of the current quick launchers you already have. These are stored in "*.desktop" files located in: ~/.gnome2/panel2.d/default/launchers
For more info on .desktop entry files see ->

The THREE important bits in the file are Exec, Name and icon (ensure they exist and have no spaces in the paths etc etc ... also NAME not NAME_US)

If you have special apps like CrossOverOffice etc I will post a special LAUNCH file for them

3) Once you have your *.desktop files we need to add them to the gconf registry with 2 commands for each desktop file:

a) /opt/gnome/bin/gconftool-2 --set /apps/kiba/launchers//file --type string

Replace with a number starting at 0, so the first is 0, the second 1 etc. And replace with the appropriate path for example:

/opt/gnome/bin/gconftool-2 --set /apps/kiba/launchers/0/file --type string /home/sbroadwell/firefox.desktop

b) The second command is:
/opt/gnome/bin/gconftool-2 --apply-schema /schemas/apps/kiba/launchers/file /apps/kiba/launchers//file

Just replace the with the number of the index you have just created.

4) Launch "dock &" and play about :0) (or store them in your session manager @ startup

The Priest with again; special thanks to StevieB & AndersJ

When you launch dock it initially copies your desktop file to ~/.kiba-dock so be aware this is where the files now are.

Also you can now launch gconf-editor and "apps > kiba > launchers" there is a key for each launcher which should contain exec, file, icon, name and correspond to the .desktop file in ~/.kiba-dock

If you find that you have segmentation faults when launching dock then the chances are there is an issue with the syntax in the .desktop file and / or the gconf key ...... basically remove spaces and quotes and make it simple ... I found pointing the execs to scripts worked best for me.

quote: If a messy desk stands for a messy mind, what does an empty desk stand for..........

P.S. Origional source URL of this nice gadget:


Anonymous said...

This is also similiar. Maybe a bit closer to OSX?

Anonymous said...

Heres a video to gnome dock.

Anonymous said...

I have an older version of glib (2.8.5-21.2) - yast errors on update when trying to install the glib you pointed to. Any ideas on how to update glib?

Anonymous said...

I have cairo dock on SLED. I built it. It is damn fast and cool.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to give credits to the original author Kristian Høgsberg and developers who are working on it now, Gravedigga et al too.

Akamaru home page:

Current development:

Keep posting great stuff.


Mr Frosti said...

For the Kiba dock, I followed the directions on your website and it works perfectly. I would like to point out some things that could make these directions even easier for future people:

In step 3, I found it only necessary to make one entry. After the first entry, I simply opened up the "~/.kiba-dock" folder and dropped .desktop files to the folder. Once the dock is restarted, it automatically creates gconf entries for these items.

Anonymous said...

Anyway to get this to autorun on SuSe using KDE?

Anonymous said...

I found this could be automated doing the following

# get all .desltop files (you might not want to do this)

dt=$(locate .desktop | grep applications)

# add in all the .desktops
n=0 ; for i in $dt ; do gconftool-2 --set /apps/kiba/launchers/${n}/file --type string ${i}; ((n++)); gconftool-2 --apply-schema /schemas/apps/kiba/launchers/file /apps/kiba/launchers/${n}/file; done

Anonymous said...

It's not a dock, its just a launcher...
The only good this about it is akamaru engine...

Anonymous said...

The updated packages are available here:

To add launchers, just drag and drop them from gnome main-menu.

It also now has some addons(you have to work it out yourselves) like memory, clock etc.



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