Monday, September 18, 2006

New Compiz Manager & Theme's

A new Compiz-Manager and Compiz Theme Manager have been posted. Just add a new install source in Yast and paste the following URL:

The close Yast and goto the "Software Updater". You will see that the Compiz packages have been added. Install them.

After doing so open Yast again and add another package:
--> CGDW themes

You can now launch the new manager by opening a terminal and typing: "compiz-manager"

You can also auto start them in your sessions screen.

If you have problems you should click on the new red icon and choose:
-Reload Window Manager
-Reload Window Decorator

Now all should work!

Have FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Priest

With special thanks to:Don Leo, NewLevel for showing me the way!

Quote from the windows community: My computer goes down on me more often than my girlfriend. ;-)


Mr Frosti said...

I suppose it might help someone to clarify a few things. The following packages will need to be installed:


Once these packages are installed, you can run "cgwd -- replace" from a terminal, and "compiz-manager" to load the program that resides in the gnome system tray.

E@zyVG said...

I have Xgl/Compiz already running. The Desktop Effects under control panel is setup.

I updated the compiz from repo, as well installed compiz-manager and cgwd-themes from repo.

When I run compiz-manger from terminal, I get the red icon, but first two options (compiz settings and themes manager) have crosses on them, and clicking them doesn't launch the manager. Tried reloading window manager and windeco .... still same.

When I click to reload window manager, my windeco, when chosen Compiz get's lost, i.e no windeco.

What can be the problems?

E@zyVG said...

btw, command "cgwd" is not found on my pc, even though I installed cgwd-themes, as this is the only one available from repo.

The Priest said...

OK, I have seen that with the latest builds that some stuff does not go to well.

I need to note that this code is not the official COMPIZ strain of the code but something Quinn has come up with.

Now you will need to install the "compiz-manager"manually via Yast. The CGDW templates are also seperate.

I have also encountered that when running GroupWise it will leave shadows on the desktop and the only way is to reload the desktop manager again.

So; be carefull with this code and do not use it in a production environment!!!!

The Priest