Friday, October 22, 2004

Tarantella and/or LTSP

Tarantella's Secure Global Desktop Enterprise Edition remote access offering for Linux will be sold alongside IBM's eServer xSeries and BladeCenter systems, the company has revealed. Recently Novell made a deal with Taratella.

The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) has got a cool management suite:
The Symbiont Management Suite is a collection of web-based tools that makes configuring your Linux terminal server and your thin clients very simple. You can now administer a computer network remotely from one central location or from any computer just by bringing up a web browser.

Features include:
* Workstation auto-detection
* Specify workstations for tighter security and control
* Adjust workstation displays
* Enable/disable workstation sound
* Removable media support
* International keyboard support
* Connect printers to workstations
* Monitor workstation status (on/off)
* Manage users
* Control user menus

LTSP on SuSE Enterprise Server (SLES9) here

eDirectory / NDS and LTSP here

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