Sunday, October 10, 2004

Welcome Moosy

A moosy is a moose. Just because we like the moose and needed a name.
nothing special.

The moosy blog is clean and simple.

moose /mu{:}s/ noun (pl. moose) a large deer that lives in N America. In Europe and Asia it is called an elk

elk /elk/ noun (pl. elk or elks)
1 (BrE) a large deer that lives in northern Europe and Asia. In N America it is called a moose.
2 (AmE) = wapiti

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Anonymous said...

On behalf of the Joint Effort to Empower Mooses World-Wide Using Only a Shitty Website, we thank you for dedicating a site to the moose. We have studied your site thouroughly and though all that stuff about open source and internet(?) was not immediately clear to us, we realy like your logo. Sincerely,