Monday, November 01, 2004

RSS newsreaders (Xplat)

Looking for a good cross platform RSS newsreader for some time now.
It should be able to run on win32 and linux and have an option to store setting/data on a user defined location.

Played with Liferea, "Liferea is an abbreviation for Linux Feed Reader. It is a news aggregator for online news feeds. It supports a number of different feed formats including RSS/RDF, CDF, Atom, OCS, and OPML. There are many other news readers available, but these others are not available for Linux.

RSSOwl is the first real cross platform reader that I've seen. It's a Java app with a nice UI but no option to change file locations.

Mozilla Both Firefox and e-mail client Thunderbird do RSS but I prefer a real news reader.

Any comment, tips for a good xplat reader are welcome.

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