Sunday, November 21, 2004

Why I use Gmail

I'm a e-mail poweruser since 1988. At that time no internet connection, but we did all internal communication over profs, office vision and x.400 based systems.
6 reasons why I moved to gmail.

1.) While most free mail boxes have about 4MB of diskspace. Gmail offers 1 GIG.

2.) Spam filter is super
I forward 5 'old' myrealbox mailboxes to gmail and 95% of the spam is filtered out.

3.) web based interface (POP access and RSS are also avialble)

4.) Mulitple messages are automatic grouped into 1 'conversation view'

5.) Search folders
I use search folder for years in systems like GroupWise. In some client it's called virtual folders, gmail calls the, labels

6.) I like the online addressbook that is automatic connected to a search.
When you selec a person from the addressbook, it automaticly displays messages to or from the user. It's google, so the search is super

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