Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Desktop migration tool for free

Resolvo Systems says it has contributed the sourcecode to its MoveOver Windows-to-Linux migration tool to the open source community, and that it has established a SourceForge project. MoveOver automates the OS migration process, allowing users to move their files, settings, and emails from Windows to Linux desktop within six steps, according to Resolvo.

The company says its open-sourcing strategy is "designed to accelerate development of future high-quality versions of [MoveOver,] to cater to business customers and individuals."

"Resolvo has always been a strong advocate of Linux solutions in optimizing enterprise resources," said Resolvo director of business development Yap Boon Leong. "The time is right for us to take the bold action of making part of MoveOver free -- and we are going even further by committing to post part of the source code for free for MoveOver. By giving away the source code, we can ignite the creative energies of the community and fuel innovation in the Linux market. Our customers can benefit from world-class technology advancements to ensure a seamless transition to Linux."

In conjunction with its move to opensourcing MoveOver, Resolvo has set up a special section called "Resolvo World" on its website for the open source community. The area offers articles, migration tips, and a discussion forum for developers and Linux users to interact and share their knowledge, the company says.

Resolvo describes the benefits of OpenMoveOver as follows:
2-Step Migration -- OpenMoveOver is a self-explanatory wizard based program that is intuitively easy to use. In two simple steps, your new Linux desktop will look and feel like your Windows machine.

Save up to 90 percent of your time -- No more spending long hours manually migrating to Linux. OpenMoveOver reduces up to 90 percent of the time it takes to manually migrate to a Linux desktop

No Gurus Required -- Manual migration requires specialized technical knowledge and may result in frustrating human errors. OpenMoveOver provides the ideal solution by automating the entire migration process, thus ensuring that all the files and settings are saved and intact
Developers interested in contributing to the OpenMoveOver project are requested to visit the SourceForge OpenMoveOver project.

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