Saturday, April 09, 2005

Linux better for beginners

New research why a Linux Desktop is a good alternative.
The complete research describes that for new users Linux is easier than a windows desktop.
Quocirca - Business and IT Analysis: "The top five motivations for considering a Windows alternative, as determined from the feedback of nearly 1,700 respondents in a recent online survey, are:

* Concerns about Windows security vulnerabilities
* The high cost burden of keeping windows secure
* A perception that Windows squanders the power of modern hardware
* Ongoing frustration with Windows stability and reliability
* Confusion and dissatisfaction with cost and complexity of Windows licensing"


Dreams said...

Sun now also supports SLES9 on its new Opteron-based servers.
And I assume you have read the Register's user survey on Windows vs Linux desktops? More background here.

Dreams said...

Don't forget the Linux Desktop Summit either...