Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Open Exchange vs Open Xchange

In 2001, SUSE selected the technology (comfire) from NetLine as the basis for the Open Exchange product. Both SUSE and NetLine where extending this technology in the products:

SUSE Open Exchange (SLOX)
NetLine Open-Xchange

In 2004, NetLine made Open-Xchange available under GPL and Novell/SUSE donated their code. Today Open-Xchange is an open source project.

Novell will continue to have a commercial version of the product, Open Exchange and continue with services and support on SLOX.

The project team
It is recommended that enterprise customers and small and medium-size businesses should purchase the commercial SLOX version of the OPEN-XCHANGE server that also includes easy to install and administration tools, the add-on cross-platform integrators as well as maintenance based on a five-year Support Continuity Guarantee.

A commercial version of the OPEN-XCHANGE server is currently sold through Netline OEM partner
Novell / SUSE LINUX AG under the name of SUSE LINUX Openexchange Server (SLOX).

movie about SLOX

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