Saturday, April 16, 2005

RSS readers part 1

Don't like to use FireFox bookmarks for RSS news. Thinderbird is not for me, because I use Evolution for mail. Evolution and RSS is on my list for a serious look.
Currently using: Firefox, RSS Owl, Yahoo and a cool plugin (sage) that uses the firefox live bookmarks. I'm looking for tools that can share configuration files and data between mulitple machines. (iFolder or shared storage). More in a fews weeks. Ideas and/or feedback is welcome.

RSS Owl is a cross platform, java based rss client. (so for my Linux and Win machines)

Yahoo portal, cool RSS portal. (web based, not available offline)

Is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox. It's got a lot of what you need and not much of what you don't. (first impression is good)


Dreams said...

Check out

That should be all you need. Gather your feeds, publish or generate an OPML file and use thatg for all tools. Having the OPML file in a central location enables sharing across platforms and tools...

B said...

OPML is just a format of sharing data using import / export.
I'm looking for a more dynamic solution. So that I don't have to export and import.

Dreams said...

You mean creating an RSS feed or your RSS feed? :) hmm, I think I saw something like that somewhere... but where. And using is not an option? Or an RSS feed of bloglines?