Sunday, April 03, 2005

SUSE Pro 9.3

This week I installed SUSE Pro 9.3 on my machine. I love it.
There is a review from Scott Morris available on the novell site

- installation was smooth and auto detect was better than previous versions
- Kernel 2.6.11 OpenOffice 2.0, Beagle, F-spot, Inkscape, Tomboy, netapplet, resapplet, evolution 2.2.1, rc client (zlm)



Tom said...

Open or closed beta? Any download link?

B said...

I got my hands on some final code.
It should hit the streets on april 13.
Not sure about download, check

Dreams said...

I hear there is finally native support for WPA encryption for WiFi networking as well! A friend of mine, who has gotten his hands on a sneak-peek release confirmed me that SuSE 9.3 Pro does indeed have support for WPA... Cool, that should make things a lot easier and safer for many of us. Espcially now that the FBI can crack WEP in 3 minutes.