Sunday, May 22, 2005

F-Spot - Larry Ewing

F-Spot is a photo manager, written in Mono was started by Ettore Perazzoli and is now maintained by Larry Ewing. (see pic)

Larry Ewing work for Novell and he ius the best known for having created the ubiquitous Linux mascot Tux and the Ximian monkey.

Other stuff he is involved in:
  • F-Spot: a project aiming to "manage all your digital photography needs."
  • GtkHTML: a fast and dirty HTML renderer and editor used in several free software projects.
  • Novell Evolution: a mailer, a calendar and a contact manager, all in one.
  • GIMP: an image manipulation program.
  • Gill: an experimental SVG renderer. As a project it has been abandoned for a long time.

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