Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Linux desktop: todo

Nat: I loved reading Matthew Thomas's list of usability issues he encountered in Ubuntu because it drew attention to the things those of us in the Linux desktop community would rather forget. Though we like to focus on new horizons like desktop search and 3d acceleration (I certainly do), there's still shit lying in the backyard that someone needs to to clean up. Checked out the sound properties dialog in GNOME lately? There's not as much glory in being a pooper scooper, but maybe there should be. We could make t-shirts.

So, the biggest issue for GNOME and KDE isn't a strategic one. It's an execution problem. We've got to get better at finishing what we've started.

Today, Google started to give $4500,- for some 'basic' gnome enhancements. Check the list here

Nokia, which recently launched the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, announced today a developer device program at the GNOME user and Developer European Conference (GUADEC). The developer device program will donate the proceeds from the sales of 500 Nokia 770 devices to the GNOME Foundation.

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