Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google IM (Talk)

Googletalk: This is exciting. Okay, it's another IM service, of which there are plenty. But here's why I'm looking forward to this. First, Google does a great job of taking an idea and making it really rock. Look at GMail, I love it, but it's email. Google search still rocks after all these years. Second, it's based on Jabber. It's an open protocol. I'm really happy for all the Jabber developers who stuck through Jabber being a geek toy. Looks like in some ways, their dividens are about to be paid.

I give congratulations to the Jabber community.

So I am on Google IM now, Talk to you soon over Google IM.

Click the image to see the settings for GAIM.


Dreams said...

Works like a charm over here too.
Too bad Gaim is still Gaim even though connected to GTalk... :)

Doop said...

To make Google talk work with Kopete, use these instructions . The instructions for GAIM do not work for Kopete.