Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Google news does RSS (finally)

In short: Google news now has Atom and RSS 2.0 feeds for all the catagories and for custom news searchs.

For some time now, the Google News team has noticed a steady uptick in feature requests for feed support. We are happy to announce that starting today you ll be able to get Google News results in two feed flavors, Atom and RSS. You can use either format in your favorite feed reader. And since feed reading can be addictive, do not forget to feed yourself after feeding your reader.

All I can say is, finaly. I use Google News as my main news source while at work and many times while at home. I don not always like having a browser up though. It is good to see they have seen where technology is going and set this up - they seem to have pushed back for a while.

sample: novell news in rss

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