Monday, August 01, 2005

NoMachine in the Netherlands

NoMachine NX - Developers: News: "NoMachine's Dutch partner Xternal Solutions helps pilot a successful migration involving NX Technology with the KDE desktop for the Dutch Refugee Council.

dot.Kde writes: 'Last weekend at Annahoeve in Achtmaal the Dutch Refugee Council of Midden Gelderland announced that they succesfully completed a pilot where they migrated 100 machines and 200 users using NX technology and the KDE desktop. Jasper van der Marel held a presentation during the Dutch KDE-PIM meeting where he explained how the current setup was done.

The goal was to reduce costs and to be less dependant on closed source software. At first the Dutch Refugee Council opted for a LTSP solution but because this was missing important compression features they choose the NX technology from NoMachine. Some of the applications used are, Kontact and Kiosktool...'

A translation of the original Dutch document by Michel van Horssen of Xternal can be found here:"

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