Friday, August 05, 2005

OpenSUSE part III

Internetnews: The site opens it's doors on Thuesday.

There will be two version available for download:
- The stable version, I assume the 9.3 code base.
- The new version that is under development, SUSE LINUX 10

Open SUSE LINUX 10 will be the foundation for the next release of SLES and NLD.

Novell still plans to sell a retail version of its SUSE Linux software, despite the fact it will be available for free as a download at the OpenSuSE Project site. Mancusi-Ungaro said some people, himself included, like being able to buy a retail box in a store, with complete documentation in a physical form; it also lets users avoid the roughly 3GB-sized download. He said the retail versions will come with software demos and 90-day free installation support.

Revenues from the retail version will be put back into the project, he said.

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