Wednesday, August 03, 2005

SUSE Linux Professional -> rebranded

Computerworld: We're making OpenSUSE available for anyone, anywhere,' said Greg Mancusi-Ungaro, marketing director for Linux and open source at Novell. 'We've learned from customers that it's still very, very hard to get Linux unless you're a technical user.'

Novell will brand its SUSE Linux Professional flavor as SUSE Linux and will make the operating system open-source. The company will host those efforts at a new Web site,, which has not yet been launched, according to Mancusi-Ungaro. 'We're moving from a closed model, where the code was tested in-house, to a completely open and transparent model,' where developers will have access to the source code and their input will be welcomed, he added.

At LinuxWorld, Novell will release its first public beta of SUSE Linux Version 10.0, Mancusi-Ungaro said. Next year, the company intends to establish a public-code repository and a public-build server for the open-source operating system, he said"

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