Thursday, September 08, 2005

Install Mac OS X on a commodity Intel PC in 8 steps

"HOWTO Install Mac OS X on a commodity Intel PC in 8 steps
Sammy Krupa sez, 'I wrote a guide to installing the developer Intel version of Mac OS X Tiger (Intel) on a generic PC. The amazing thing: I installed and troubleshooted the installation of Mac OS X on Intel in 8 steps.'

Required Stuff

1. tiger-x86-flat.img Commonly referred to as the 'deadmoo' image, it can be found on bittorent sites by searching for 'VMWare files for patched Mac OS X Tiger Intel' or 'tiger-x86-flat.img' or 'tiger-x86.tar.bz2' Find this file! It is the disk image that contains OSX86.

2. There are now ways to install OSX86 on a PC with Windows already on it (linked guides to follow), but I would recommend a new hard drive with at least 8GBs storage.

3. Now, if you will be using the real Mac method you will need to get a hard drive case, if your Mac does not have a spot for a 2nd hard drive. Hard drive cases can be found pretty cheap.

4. If you will not be going the real Mac route, you will find that a lot of the guides ask for you to burn yourself a Linux LiveCD. I would use SUSE"