Saturday, October 01, 2005

Laptops and external VGA

If you want to connect your laptop to projectors using the external VGA plug, you just have to configure your secondary output:

1. Start sax2 (or start yast2 and click on Hardware/Graphics Card).
2. Enable Activate Dual Head Mode and click on Configure.
3. Make sure that Cloned Multihead is checked.
4. Select a monitor from the --> VESA or --> LCD vendor with 60Hz and the maximum resolution you want to drive the projector with (e.g. 1024x768@60Hz).
5. Select the same Second Monitor Resolution.
6. Press OK in both dialogs to accept your changes and let sax2 save your configuration.
7. Restart your Xserver (e.g. press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace)

You should now be able to plug in a projector in your external VGA plug and choose the right resolution e.g. with krandr.