Thursday, January 26, 2006

Image Linux mkCDrec

mkCDrec makes a bootable (El Torito) disaster recovery image (CDrec.iso), including backups of the linux system to the same CD-ROM (or CD-RW) if space permits, or to a multi-volume CD-ROM set. Otherwise, the backups can be stored on another local disk, NFS disk or (remote) tape.
After a disaster (disk crash or system intrusion) the system can be booted from the CD-ROM and one can restore the complete system as it was (at the time mkCDrec was run) with the command /etc/recovery/

Disk cloning ( script) allows one to restore a disk to another disk (the destination disk does not have to be of the same size as it calculates the partition layout itself). A thrid script,, will restore only one filesystem to a partition of your choice, and the user can choose with which filesystem the partition has to be formatted.