Monday, February 27, 2006

nles and/or sld

Let's assume that sles10 and nld10 are released on the same day, as they say.
Does it make sense to have one product branded with the suse name and one with novell name? Could it be that SLES will be NLES and/or that NLD will be SLD or do they stick
to nld and sles ?


./martijn said...

They probably stick to the current names. Name recognition is quite important for products like these.

NLES is kinda cool though. You should drop it in an idea-box over at ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe NLES should be used for the linux delivered in OES. The NLD and NLES versions could be Gnome focused with Novell add-ins and the SUSE brand could be KDE focused and 100% open.