Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tango_XP (pimp windows)

Did you ever dance with Windows XP by the pale moonlight?

This is pimp my Windows desktop
(part1): This is a port as an iconpackage made off the original SVGs of Tango's IconSet, to go with my ClearLooks 2.0 VS.

In order for this package to work, you need at minimum... Windows IconPackager 3.10 or higher. (click image)

In combination with the firefox tango theme, and this wallpaper windows looks better.
thunderbird tango theme

download IconPackager file



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Anonymous said...

wauw..this is cool stuff. Thanks Moose

Krishna said...

hey you know anyone from Tango project? it is bad idea to reomve "well received" icons under the name of uniform look.

Removing firefox icon for webbrowser is not a creative/meaningful solution for uniform look. just remember how much effort was there by the community in spreading the firefox (image/icon) including the NYT ad.

my suggestion is to have container icons for general applications like web browser, word processor, calculator ... etc. This container icon will be filled with the branded/popular specific icon of the application.

did you mind to convey this to tango team ... ofcourse if you know them only.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't


there is a list of the gyus behind Tango.

Drop these guys a line.

Krishna said...

Thanks for the suggestion.
Before posting the comment on your blog, i twice tryed to contact randomly selected persons from the tango people list. unfortunately those two are not talking anything related to Tango on their blogs... I felt too much to make an irrelevent commend on blog post.

The above is the one of the reasons to post on your site. The other reason is i guessed that you are some where related to Tango people to an extent to pass on views you got on your blog... but I am worng. sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

not on the blog comment. Mail them diret via e-mail.

Don't think firefox branding is any issue. Tango is about consitentie on the desktop, menu icons etc.
Application icons, like Firefox icons stays the firefox icon. I use the Tango theme on both WIndows and Linux in combination with Firefox.

Firefox rocks,