Tuesday, February 28, 2006

XGL AMD64 Ferrari

I installed XGL on my Ferrari 3200 (AMD64) machine. ATI Mobility Radeon 9700
It took some time to get the missing packages for SUSE 10.0 (x86_64).
So I took them from 10.1, and with some help from my friend Doopman we managed to get XGL running on my laptop.

Current state:
It's slow, but it works
This has nothing todo with the hardware or with XGL.
It's ATI, for XGL ATI/Proprietary driver "fglrx"
(they are crap, read more)

ATI 64 bit laptop drivers b
I tried several versions

XGL on SUSE 10.0 here

The proprietary drivers for ATI cards have major issues at the current time (feb 2006)
the issue with the driver

Tried the opensource driver as well.
works - even slower

ATI slammed for lack of Linux support



Anonymous said...

Same here,

I got it running with the proprietary driver from ati, 8.22.5, I extracted the fglrx rpm from it, but again,

It is running, very slow, and crashing my xserver at random.

for the record:

- - - - -
I downloaded the latest driver from ATI and did the following.

#./ati-driver-installer-8.xx.xx-i386.run –get-supported

(this will show the supported OS)

and then build the rpm by

#./ati-driver-installer-8.xx.xx-i386.run –buildpkg SuSE/SUSE100-IA32

go to init 3 and run sax

#sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx -b /usr/share/doc/packages/fglrx/sax2-profile

After this went back to runlevel 5, and started glx manually with kde, again, slow and instable.

- - - - -

I also tried the dri driver, more stable, but again very slow.

R200 driver from: http://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/FrontPage

The latest version of glitz made no difference. Version -0.5.3

So.. after trying a lot, a new problem has arrised...

How do I fit a Nvidia agp card into my laptop ;)

Bottomline, I think we have to wait for a driver that supports the gl extensions....

Dr. Red.

Anonymous said...


Got a new latop yesterday with the ATI R200 mobile in it. Though I love the laptop the ATI driver is indeed seriously lacking. GLX runs better on my old IBM g40 with the dri i810 driver. This, offcourse makes me sad... :(.

Anyhow, love your blog. Here at ROIT in Delft we are hanging on your fingers/lips, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

changing the line 0=Standard to 1=Standard in /etc/opt/gnome/gdm/gdm.conf

could help