Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Status ATI driver

Talked to Brian Coons from Novell in the Brainshare Lab. He told me that they are working with ATI to fix the XGL issues. They are currently testing some new code from ATI, Expected to be available within a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Does it mean that they'll fix distorted screen on ATI RV280(or maybe other chips) using fglrx driver? Please, if you have more info about this issue - let us know.

Anonymous said...

yes, that issue is (will be) addressed.

I had it working with SL10. (with some flickering)
It seems that the newer kernel that comes with SL10.1 and SLED10 has more issues with ATI.

The new driver will fix these.

If you need a new laptop, please buy something with an intel chipset. They are supported out of the box.

Novell can not have binary drivers (ati or nvidea) in the package.

same goes for your wireless card