Saturday, April 08, 2006

mythTV and XGL/compiz

Pingzero: "I must say that I am extremely impressed with MythTVs (current SVN) ability to operate reasonably under Xgl. There is no question in my mind, this is the future of the open source desktop."


Anonymous said...

I can't find anything on getting mythtv to run under xgl. Does it need to be SVN? do you have more info?

Anonymous said...

Done with the extremly slow NO_XV="1" Method? Or did you use an alternative way?

Charles said...

It runs... but the Gnome panels on top and bottom still show. This does not help the MythTV experience since a lot of confirmation buttons are *behind* the lower panel!

It works normally under metacity, and the panel hiding is really the only problem I've run into with MythTV running on XGL.

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience as charles. It seems to work aside from the Gnome panels being in the way.

Running SuSE10.1 with Olsen's MythTV rpm's.

Jeff said...

Can anyone point me to resources on how to get this working? I'm running Ubuntu Edgy with XGL. Mythtv does not work using either metacity or beryl.

The mythfrontend GUI runs fine, but as soon as I try to play video, I just get a black screen, and usually XGL crashes a few seconds later.

My other machine has the same OS but runs AIGLX instead, and mythtv works, sort of. The playback is jerky, and no matter what codec or resolution I try, it doesn't change the jerkiness. Playing the same mpg file through totem works fine.