Thursday, July 13, 2006

New name for SUSE Linux (opensuse)

To end all confusion; the next release of SUSE Linux will be called openSUSE.

We're glad to announce SUSE Linux 10.2 Codename "Basilisk Lizard"

It's downloadable from today on and will be the last community/consumer
distribution called SUSE Linux. We'll rename SUSE Linux into openSUSE.

With current naming we experienced confusion internally and externally
between the project openSUSE and the distribution created there. And
especially with the new naming of our Linux business products (SUSE
Linux Enterprise 10) the differentiation between our business products
and community/consumer product is not intuitive. Therefor the upcoming
community/consumer version will be named openSUSE 10.2. We'll
implement first name changes with Alpha 3 starting directly after
Alpha 2 and will have a fully renamed distribution with Beta 1 in Nov.


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