Saturday, September 30, 2006

Photoshop alternative

Gimp is still a pain for a lot people that used Photoshop or Paintshop on Windows.

Pixel is another alternative that is available on Win and Linux.



Dreams said...

Thanx! That's a good idea even though I finally seem to get the GIMP now. ;)

BTW, you should help the guy out and point him towards the SUSE build service that will help him make RPMs vor SUSE. :)

EnviroTO said...

Don't forget Gimpshop.

This project makes more sense to me pesonally since it doesn't involve creating a competing application but instead uses the efforts of the Gimp community and throws a Photoshop like front end on it. Unfortunately there aren't enough people working on it to keep Gimpshop current with the Gimp versioning but surely that would require less resources than creating a whole different application.