Thursday, September 14, 2006

SLED10 and Windows server

Ted: A lot of thinking and research went into the creation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop in order to ensure that it could penetrate the Active Directory fortress and provide real business value. SUSE engineers Guenther Deschner and Lars Mueller focused intensely (over 14K lines of code) on adding Active Directory capabilities into Samba.

Here is the short list of what they made accomplished, all with no configuration changes required to the Active Directory system:

* Linux desktops can join Active Directory, becoming actual objects within an Active Directory domain (as workstation objects)
* Users can authenticate using their Active Directory credentials
* Proper interfaces present to the user according to Active Directory password policy (such as password has expired, do you want to change, and failed attempt due to login time restrictions)
* Account credentials are securely cached for offline use (a requirement for mobile users)
* Active Directory-based single sign-on works (Kerberos tickets are requested, renewed and refreshed automatically)

Again I summarize, and perhaps too much. For a more thorough and adept introduction, Novell Open Audio presents an interview with Lars Mueller."

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