Tuesday, November 28, 2006

openSUSE holds public IRC Q&A on Microsoft/Novell deal

The following Q&A clarifies a lot in respect to Novell/MS deal. I hope that waht has being said in ORC by Andreas and Nat are what the truth is …. and with this I again state that openSUSE is great distro, and will be.

OpenSUSE project developers held a public IRC meeting at noon EST today to discuss the recently announced and highly controversial Microsoft/Novell agreements. Nat Friedman, chief technical and strategy officer for open source at Novell, fielded most of the questions, with assistance from Andreas Jaeger, openSUSE project manager, and others.

The one-hour session (see the complete IRC log here) was moderated by Henne Vogelsang. Participants were given voice (the ability for their remarks to be seen by everyone on the channel) one at a time, and only while asking a question. The moderation was necessary, given that there were about 200 people on the channel, including individuals working on other distributions.

Following is a lightly edited version of some of the most interesting questions and answers. Questions not answered during the session itself will appear on the openSUSE wiki.

Q: Why was nobody from SUSE technical staff aware of the deal until the last moment?


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