Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Beryl on openSUSE 10.2

Howto is available here on the openSUSE site.


Torano said...

Any tricks on getting this to run on SLED?

B said...

sure, install Beryl on SLED10.

The new compiz project allows a lot of the Beryl plugins to run in compiz.

long term:
Compiz is the way to go, Beryl is not

Torano said...

Ok. I tried updating Compiz and it asked for a version of Metacity >= 2.15.1. Haven't found a repository that has that anywhere. Does the new Compiz require a xorg update to 7.x? SLED is on 6.9.

Anonymous said...

Check the beryl and compiz forums.
I have never done this.

Anonymous said...

How about running XGL / Beryl on a XEN machine? Is that possible?

B said...

Not today as far as I understand. Xen is an other kernel.

The goal is to have XGL running in domain 0 and have all your processes use the graphic card.

Moosy friends are hacking the fglrx driver to see if they can squeeze it into domain 0. But hey...most video drivers are not open source