Saturday, January 20, 2007

kill fglrx -9

Now I'm on a new kernel with openSUSE 10.2 and a new version of myth 0.20 have some new issues:

I have had it with ATI and tv-out on Linux. Hours have gone into this crap after my upgrade.
bugs in fglrx #(@*$&(@#*$ that where not there is previous versions (*#&$# (suse 10.0, myth 0.19, fglrx 8.24 was working)

Serious about putting in a NVIDIA card.
Problem is that I do not have enough space in my box

Also thinking about a Moosy campaign to boycot ATI cards, complete with banners and press releases.


Anonymous said...

Yeah good plan, down with ATI and their crappy drivers, I have a macbook pro which sucks coz there is no way to change the graphics card at all

Anonymous said...

agree...ati sucks. Will support your journee all the way.

Dreams said...

there there Moosy, let it all out. It's gonna be fine. Just step into my office. ;)

Read about the OrigenAE series of HTC casings in CES 2007 reviews. They have resellers in NL and the latest S21T model seems to house up to 5 (!) full length PCi/AGP slots. The older X15e may already suit your needs, but the S21T blows everything I know about out of the water.

EnviroTO said...

I wonder if this is the first round of "DRM video driver upgrades" where TV out gets "special" treatment. We know its coming to Vista... I wonder if the Linux drivers get the same "fun".

Anonymous said...

I agree the proprietary ATI drivers are crap. YGo for Nvidia sounds like a good idea.