Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brainshare Final update from The Priest ;-)

Hi All,

This is my final post before the CRAFT syndrome really kicks in. What the &^$# is CRAFT you might wander? Well let me explain. Alcohol breaks down to explain what CRAFT stands for: Can't Remember A F@cking Thing syndrome. I wanna bet that alot of you BS attendees have this syndrome after the last few days ;-)

This Brainshare has been an event where all nations really came together. I have had fun with friends from the UK, Romania and even South know who you are ;-) People mingeled, drank and danced. My South African friend was the Pool King......RESPECT bro ;-)

I don't have to talk about the sessions because my friends from RealOpen IT have created a super blog with their experiances so please check them out. Although it is in Dutch (I forgive them!) it is very nice. Check them out on:

The MAC stores are empty, my bankaccount it is time to head home.

I must say this has been one of the most positive Brainshares EVER! The Partner meeting created an enormous amount of trust. The Leadership team of Novell ROCKS!!!!

The Priest

P.S. Why does my windows machine go down on me more often then my wife??

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