Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Priest @ Brainshare USA 2007

Hi All,

This is The Priest live from Brainshare 2007. No pictures today because of the sensitive nature of the events ;-)

The Zen team has come up with the name for "Pulsar"; Zen Configuration Management. A very powerfull name which comes with an even more powerfull logo. ZCM will be release in Q2 2007 and later this year it will be able to manage both Windows and Linux desktops.

More can be found:

"If pigs could fly" is the saying that is being used during this conference. The Beast was present during the keynotes and Novell showed its capability to mimic AD and create a trust relationship with a real Active Directory Domain. Unbelievable.....Novell has finally seen the light and is able to fully integrate with Microsoft......and it really works ;-)

We have had a fantastic night with a biker group called: B.A.C.A. ; Bikers Against Child Abuse. Fun, music, beer and women on bikes....what more could a guys wish for. Even one of the dutchies hitched a ride with one of the bikers.......1900 CC pure power and a mini skirt ;-) funny !!!

However I must say these guys really stand for their cause and they all do it voluntarilly. Please visit their website:
This it it for now......will be posting as the week progresses.

The Priest

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