Saturday, April 14, 2007

Elisa Media is a good idea

Elisa is a project to create an open source cross platform media center solution. Elisa runs on top of the GStreamer multimedia framework and takes full advantage of harware acceleration provided by modern graphic cards by using OpenGL APIs.

The core Elisa system is licensed under the GPL version 2. The GPL part of Elisa is also available under a commercial licensing agreement from Fluendo.

This is a good thing because it makes commercial Linux based media centers realistic.

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Leif said...

I'm keeping my eye on elisa. I like the architecture however the GUI I've seen in screenshots and this video is a mixed bag. I liked the media browser stuff in this video (I also wonder how easy it is to swap in a dvd cover as a thumbnail). However I really didn't like how time skipping (?) worked in fullscreen video mode. What was with all those mini thumbnails along the top? They looked too small to be useful. I think a simple time slider would look sexier if done right.