Tuesday, April 03, 2007

slashdot about compiz/beryl merger

invisibastard writes to mention that Linux Tech Daily has an editorial on the merger between Compiz and Beryl. "This state of affairs was a shame. Something that was finally getting the general public excited about Linux, the 3D desktop, was wasting time with duplication of effort and fighting. There were concerns about the long term viability of Beryl. The perception in the community overall was, Compiz = old and stale, Beryl = fresh and exciting. This despite the feeling in the Compiz community that the "real work" was being done by David Reveman and Compiz, and there were exciting things with Compiz core (like input redirection, etc...) on the horizon."

"I'm sure that by accepting all the beryl community members into the compiz-extra division we're accepting some people that can be really helpful but also a lot of stupid people that we would do much better without. However, I don't think that matters. For us to be successful we need to be able to allow really stupid people to join too and I would hate if the good people from the beryl community wouldn't be able to join due to all the stupid people in their community."

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