Saturday, June 02, 2007

OOo development

DJ: How many people are developing

I'd say about a hundred full-time equivalents. Of those, most of them are inside Sun, then Novell is a big second to Sun. Google is next, maybe; Red Hat have only one guy on it. After that, part-timers everywhere. So if you look at, say, Ubuntu, claiming to ship and support, it's a total joke - they have a part-time packager, that's it. At Mandriva, for example, the packager is a self-described 'not a C++ programmer'. So how you can then go and say 'we'll support you'... Novell, at least, has people across the board working on the codebase, with a good understanding of lots of issues.

read more from one of the core ooo developers: Michael Meeks

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