Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SLED10 SP1 release

Some of you e-mailed me about the release date of SLED10 SP1.

I don't have an official answer for you, check with you local Novell office.

for more info, see comments on this post


Hylke said...

I'm really want to see all the new stuff, I've heard a lot of it will make its way to openSUSE 10.3, which is already going to be a great release.

Anonymous said...
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JoST said...

I don't understand the radio silence about SP1

Please Novell shout it from the roof tops! Shout it from the highest mountain!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

SP1 - if you leave me now
SP1 - you take away the biggest part of me
SP1 -ooh baby, now, please come soon
SP1 - Please dont leave me on Sp0

The RoNZ

Anonymous said...

Yes, RC5 was released on the 12 to beta testers. RC5 is expected to be the GA release. RC5 is expected to be tested for an additional week before it's released as GA. So the current target is the 20th. That assumes no more bugs are found.

cday said...

It's here I downloaded it today, and I am now trying to see how to configure all the 3D graphics stuff that was displayed at Brain Share. So far the 3D features seem to be the same and I can't find a place to configure all the new stuff. I was hoping of a setup interface kinda like beryl. If anyone figures the new stuff out for xgl and compiz let me know.

cday said...

Well I found a little of what I needed reading through the SLED10sp1 GNOME documentation. looks like gconf-editor is the key to turning on some of these plugins. I was expecting everything to be in desktop effects. gconf-editor almost reminds me of a windows registry for local user.