Friday, July 27, 2007

Vista eyecandy on Linux

Peppie: MS Vista eyecandy, we reported earlier that a clean / minimal installation of MS Vista takes about 6 GB of diskspace,.. That 6 GB isnt used for eyecandy because MS Vista only has the new application switcher,.. Nothing more, nothing less,.. Now look at my 2 screenshots of the new compiz plugin called "shift switcher" it has 2 modes, configurable and runs on a simple hardware laptop.

1. shifting windows from left <-- --> right

2. shifting windows from background <-- --> foreground

Cool? We thought so.


Niels said...

Dear mister Moosy sir. I have not visited this site for months and now that I have come back the first thing I notice is a post with Vista and cool in it. And not like 'look how cool this cd with vista on it blends' or something, but a very nice task switcher.

I have spent too many hours downgrading grey import laptops from pre-installed vista to XP because vista sucks all available resources to enjoy these kinds of postings.

Alright, you can rightfully tell me to go away for another few months but then, where would be the fun in not complaining?

My own 4 year old battered compaq laptop (yeah, ngo's have no money whatsoever, not even if you run them) is purring happily on feisty Ubuntu. And if I press alt-tab I get a task switcher as well. And it might not look all 3d and stuff but there's always mushrooms for that.

Was there a point to this comment? Not that I can remember. But good to be back on moosy. Moose on!

PS. I especially like the 'choose an identity' on the bottom of this page. I choose my wednesday afternoon identity, the one that asks himself where all the beer in the fridge suddenly went.

Anonymous said...

Hi Niels,

did you just mis that that 'Vista' swicher is running on Linux (suse in this case)?

That's the idea of the blog entry: Vista eyecandy but now configurable on your own linux pc.

Anyway, we liked it :)