Monday, August 13, 2007

Exporting and importing Yast installation sources

Peppie: being on bleeding edge has its consequences, sometimes your system is bleeding a bit too much and needs to get some band-aid. The quick and dirty method to "repair" your system is to format and start over. But how about all those Yast installation sources you need to add to your system in order to get the latest packages? We don't want to enter them again and again. After some research on this we found out that Novell has a nice document on one of their websites with 2 scripts, 1 to export and 1 to import.

Just tested and its approved by Peppie.


ncisrael said...

So here I sit checking MOOSY every few days looking for something neat. And wouldn't you know, your posting my script! Is is a life changing event? Probably not. But I'm excited. Chad

Peppie said...

Hi Chad, it's not a life changing event but certainly time saving! So therefore I posted it on this BLOG. Thanks for the script and I hope you didnt mind my referring to it.