Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Advanced x-mas myth

Finally had some time to fix the last things on my mythTV box

- imon_pad remote control - implemented the brakemeier patch for the mouse on the remote and moved to lirc 0.8.3pre1.

- upgraded to LCDproc v0.5.2, so now the VFD is cleared on shutdown.
Version v0.5.2 GoodBye message is configurable and can be ""

- Fixed and tuned the ACPI rtc alarm so the machine auto. downs and wake-ups

Enhanced my set of bash scripts to:

+ Check nr EPG days stored in the DB before executing mythfilldatabase
+ If DB was not updated, update the grabber script

ACPI Real Time Clock Alarm (shutdown and wake-up)
+ extended the idle check before going down
+ check if video or audio devices are used
+ check for alive remote ssh sessions
+ check if the stay on key on the remote was pressed
+ check if mythbackend is idle
+ Set the ACPI RTC alarm, including all the fussy bios tricks
+ Added irxevent defenitions to control idle with some spare remote control keys

+ General debug mode for all scripts

Import pictures from camera
+ Use gphoto2 to copy pictures, now do verify/compare, if OK, remove pic from camera

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