Sunday, March 09, 2008

GroupWise Calendar sync with iPhone

Found this (syncml2ical) app that adds syncml to your iPhone/iPod touch

With your GroupWise mobile server you have syncml on your server.
Enter the SyncML server address and GO.

This tool also has support for Google Calendar using iCal.

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Anonymous said...

I have recently found a solution called NotifyLink which will do this for you and does sync for Email, contacts & calendar over the air on my iPhone with Groupwise.

You can get it in the Uk from a company called London Web.


Anonymous said...

Note: previous post'er, "John" has been posting same message on a bunch of sites. Seems obvious he works for the NotifyLink company. I'm not saying the software doesn't work, he's just not honest when he says "I have recently found". Why not just admit he works for them? said...

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