Thursday, March 27, 2008

iPhone OS 2.0 Expected To Leak Shortly

The latest iPhone OS 1.2 (dubbed 2.0) is currently only available to accepted members of the official iPhone development program, installation of the beta 1.2 OS is only possible via a a special signature from Apple.

However, it is rumoured that an undergroup group have discovered a method of bypassing this special digital signal and installing a modified edition of OS 1.2 through the use of a tool named “Pwnage” which is used to leverage an exploit found in the lower levels of the iPhone/iPod Touch bootloader.

The bootloader exploit will allow those devices to run unsigned code, allowing Pwnage to modify the iPhone OS 1.2 IPSW (installation file), pre-activating and pre-jailbreaking it.


Whats new? Visible changes are:
- Exchange Support
- Appstore
- Parental Controls
- SDK Support
- Calculator is more advanced
- CISCO VPN support
- Mail mass deletion


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