Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Priest @ Brainshare part 1

Hi dear readers,

Here are my adventures at Brainshare 2008 in Salt Lake City in the beautiful state of Utah!

It's Tuesday and I have not seen many dutch people around yet. Yesterday (monday) we had a Biker Bash and the Tequila's where flowing strong. It was a great party and the music was good. Nice good old Rock and Roll. The guys and girls from B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse). where a awesome crowd. One of the women had a button "I do Nails" and then pointed out a 2 meter tall 2 meter wide dude with the name Nails. To bad that does not translate well into Dutch otherwise I would import dozens of those type of badges ;-)

Today there is a cool session about Partner NODS (Novell's Online Demo System). We will provide all registered Novell partners with a physical demo lab for demoing Novell's software to their customers. Usage is endless; consulting, helpdesk demo's training sales and technical people. With this environment you can have a demo running in under 5 minutes.

So....while typing this message I see all the Dutch guys comming in (10 am)....In Holland we say; 's Avonds een vent...'s Ochtends een vent.....wich translates into; If you are a man and drinking at night....be a man and get out of bed and follow your sessions ;-)

Well...more sessions to attend, more information to suck in.....I'll give you an update on the wednesday keynote.....because.........very very cool new demo's will be shown, Last Thursday they delivered new code for Bonsai (new GroupWise), Novell Open Office and OES2 SP1.....It will be worth your while to check that session out!

Be there or be square!

The Priest

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Chris said...

Biker Bash 2 was great, and a lot less crowded than last year's Bash at Red Rock. The BACA guys were indeed a good time.