Thursday, March 20, 2008

Unlock iPhone 1.14 instructions

Here are our instruction for tweaking the iPhone 1.1.4 for the Netherlands


1.) Download the latest version of ziphone

2.) Turn your iPhone off, press the front-key and plugin the cable
iTunes pops-up, now restore 1.1.4 and start clean (recommended)

3.) Start ZIPHONE and select "Do it ALL" (The phone will be made simlock free and hacked so you can add applications)

4.) Enable WiFi and connect to your wireless network

5.) turn off, turn on;

6.) Enter installer and update installer (IMPORTANT)

7.) Install
[SOURCES] -> community sources
[SOURCES] -> bigboss recommended
[SYSTEM] -> BSD Subsystem
[SYSTEM] -> Term-vt100
[BIGBOSS REC] -> BossTool

8.) Start Bosstool and select Relocate fonts (and just Do It ;-); you will have about 124 MB free of diskspace for installing apps.

NL/Dutch Specific information:
1.) Dutch language support, add as an installation source in installer
-> install weDict (otherwise the Woordenboek will not install)
-> install vanuit de categorie iFoneguide Apps
-> NL Nummerherkenning
-> NL Taalcorrectie (T9)
-> NL Taalpakket 1.1.4
-> NL-EN Woordenboek
2.) Dutch activation
Goto: Settings, General, International, Keyboards and enable dutch
Goto: Settings, General, International, Set lanuage to "Nederlands"

WiFi Switch
1.) Add wifiswich (cool app to enable and disable WIFI with 1 click)
(it will save batterylife)
add ipodtouchfans source
install wifictl + wifiswitch

Call forward message
If you don't like the "Call forwarding active" message on your phone when making a call: remove this by installing the Forward message fix.


Anonymous said...

Thx for the Unlock iPhone 1.14 instructions.

Have you already tried iPlus ?
Have you information on iLiberty+ ?

(iLiberty+=iPlus + iLiberty)

Anonymous said...

I tried installing the T9 packet but it sas error while running script and now my settings app is fucked up, I can not access it anymore

Anonymous said...

T9 package works fine for me.

Anonymous said...

BEWARE: V3 of Ziphone gives every iPhone the same MAC address! This will create massive problems if WiFi networks and hotspots as there will be thousands of phones out there with the same MAC address! So if more than 1 iphone tries to get onto the same wireless network/hotspot , well guess what will happen! So it may be best to use iLiberty instead..

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