Saturday, June 14, 2008

Browser sync on openSUSE 11.0

Bummer! - Google Browser Sync will not be available for Firefox 3.0 !
Doing some Google on the subject I found that Google discontinued Google Browser Sync.

Evaluation process of a new solution:
1.) Chipmark - NO - no real bookmark integration - creates chipmarks - don't like it
2.) foxmarks - YES - currently using foxmarks. looks really good
3.) Mozilla Weave - todo

25 ways to sync your bookmarks
good comparison on wikipedia


martinm_76 said...

I am pretty happy with Foxmarks myself.
I have used it on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X without issue. It is supported up to at least Firefox 3 rc3, so it should be available for the GA Firefox 3 either immediately or shortly after release.

It has a webservice as well: where you can see your bookmarks without needing to sync them to the machine you are at.

It doesn't do anything about your cookies and passwords, though.... I actually see that as a plus :)


Dreams said...

thanks, Moosy, need this! Switching to FoxMarks too...

joepadmiraal said...

I'm using Foxmark with OpenSuse and Windows.
Works perfectly.