Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ubuntu faster then openSUSE?

Some say...Ubuntu is faster...so I installed Ubuntu....played around and experienced it myself !
It reminded me of the time I used XD2.

I did not notice any performance differences between Ubuntu 8.04 vs openSUSE 11.0. The thing that could possible feel faster is the traditional GNOME menu. Ubuntu 8.04 still uses the traditional GNOME menu while openSUSE 11.0 uses the advanced Novell version of the GNOME menu.

So, my conclusion. If you change the openSUSE 11.0 menu to the traditional GNOME menu and disable some of the need features of openSUSE it feels very very similar.

Howto: transform openSUSE
Remove Beagle, Tomboy and Pulse Audio from your session preferences.

Remove the trash icon from the desktop in gconf-editor. (see screenshot)

customize the gnome panels - add some objects, remove some objects - see the screenshots below

You can even drop-in the Ubuntu wallpaper into your openSUSE distro - is it faster after these changes? ;-)
Maybe not a bad idea for the openSUSE team to make an automated procedure to change the menu's to the be similar to Ubuntu.

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istoff said...

Once again. Thanks for the cool blog. It convinced my to try OpenSUSE 11 after being a longtime Ubuntu user. I still have OpenSUSE 10.3 on my laptop which I will probably upgrade after testing 11 on my home pc since release.

Comparing relative speed of the 2 systems, I would say the biggest speed difference comes down to 3 things.

1) The speed with which packages make it into the community repositories. Most apps like mythtv, nagios, ntop and others seem to be updated into the repos quicker in the ubuntu side of things.

2) Zypper / Yast vs Apt-Get / Synaptic
While zypper is vastly improved, in daily use, I prefer the .deb utilities for speed. Having the big "multiverse" type repo's which have mirrors all over the world makes downloads of these packages a lot faster for me than using packman or the old guru, which doesn't have as many mirrors (I live in South Africa)

I reckon though, that the 11.1 release will probably polish zypper+package kit to the point it is usable.

3) Yast vs Ubuntu's mixed bunch of utils. After making changes, YAST does a sanity/consistency check which verifies a bunch of things before exiting. Ubuntu's varios utils each have their own behaviour and have a quicker startup / exit time. This adds to a perceived sluggishness of Yast. For me the benefit of a single/ consistent and capable config tool with a text & graphical interface more than makes up for Yasts speed.

Lastly, a general comment. Ubuntu is a great distro with a phenomenal community, but I have had tons of niggling issues with recent versions with out of the box settings for compiz, samba, apache, mysql, etc. Its all easily fixable due to the excellent support forums, but I always seem to have to tweak it more than OpenSUSE or Mandriva/PC LinuxOS.

It seems that the OpenSUSE releases are more consistent, polished and quality checked. The roadmap is also more directed and coherent in my opinion. I know this is subjective and not on topic, but its the reason I am changing all my pc's back to OpenSUSE for a while. The only reason I can see for staying with Ubuntu is the local repo's for me which are MUCH faster than the opensuse ones.

Apologies for the long post!

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