Wednesday, October 22, 2008 3.0 Novell Edition for Windows

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Key Features of Novell Edition for Windows Novell Edition for Windows contains enhancements and bug fixes, especially for interoperability with Microsoft Office and other word processing programs, that are not available in the standard edition. These enhancements include:

  • Microsoft Excel*: Compatibility: Improved Excel compatibility for certain built-in functions (e.g., CELL, INFO, INDIRECT), hyperlinks and filters, improved ergonomics, and support for "R1C1" style addresses. Improved performance on certain text functions such as SEARCH. Natural sorting option in cell range sorting.
  • Excel VBA Macro Interoperability: Novell Edition eases the migration of many macros from Microsoft Excel. Although not all macros can be successfully migrated, this interoperability offers more than the standard edition, which does not support migration of macros.
  • Data Pilots: Data Pilots are interoperable with Microsoft Office PivotTables*. Novell Edition substantially improves the Data Pilot feature, making it possible to edit pilots after creation.
  • Enhanced Fonts: Licensed fonts from Agfa* Monotype* which are metrically identical and visually compatible with some of the key Microsoft fonts. This allows Novell Edition to match fonts when opening documents originally composed in Microsoft Office, and very closely match pagination and page formatting.
  • EMF+Support: The ability to render EMF+ formatted graphics
  • SVG Support: The ability to import scalable vector graphics.
  • Import File Formats: Microsoft Works, WordPerfect* text and graphics, T602 files, OfficeOpen XML, and more.
  • Groupwise® Novell Edition includes improved integration with ODMA (Open Document Management Architecture) services, for example for GroupWise. If you have the GroupWise client installed on the machine, Novell Edition will offer to open documents from GroupWise, or save documents in GroupWise.

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