Monday, November 10, 2008


Howto Pidgin into Hyves ;-)

The Hyves kwekker services uses the XMPP protocol.
What is most annoying about Hyves im service is that the server IP addresses change once in a while. ((that's why I do not publish ip addresses from Hyves servers)

Get the correct server IP address:
+ Login to your Hyves account and goto your page
+ Check the HTML source and search for "pollhost", this is the ip address of the server

Here is a screenshot of the older version of Pidgin called Gaim:

Gaim and Hyves:

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Dreams said...

recently, pidgin started to bomb on hyves' kwekker service over XMPP. I kept getting the notice "no route to host'. INteresting, since the instructions here listan IP address. So that would mean the host was removed/renamed.

Either way, I quickly found the group and they gave me a new server to connect to.

Rik van der Schalie said...
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Rik van der Schalie said...

It might be helpful if you shared that servername with the rest of the world.